Your Pet's Wellness Partner

Pet Care Services at Crossroads Specialty Pharmacy, Livingston, New Jersey

At Crossroads Specialty Pharmacy in Livingston, New Jersey, we take pride in offering comprehensive Pet Care services. Whether you have a furry friend, a feathered companion, or an exotic pet, our knowledgeable team is here to support your pet’s health and well-being.

Our Pet Care Services Include:

Supplies and Medications

We provide a wide range of pet supplies, including food, grooming products, and accessories. Additionally, we offer veterinary medications to address various health conditions.

Compounding Services

Compounding is a valuable solution for veterinary problems. Our pharmacists collaborate with veterinarians to create patient-specific dosages tailored to each animal’s needs. Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, or zoo animal, we ensure the right strength and formulation.

Flavorful Formulations

Administering medications to pets can be challenging. Our compounding services allow us to prepare medications in the form of flavored chews or capsules that animals readily accept.

Why Choose Crossroads Specialty Pharmacy?

Expert Guidance:
Our pharmacists work closely with veterinarians to provide specialized prescription services.

Patient-Specific Solutions:
We understand that every pet is unique. Our compounded medications are customized to meet individual requirements.

Convenient and Effective:
Say goodbye to struggling with pill administration. Our pet-friendly formulations make medicating easier.

Trust Crossroads Specialty Pharmacy for all your pet care needs. Contact us today or visit our Livingston location to explore our services and ensure your beloved pets receive the best care.